Spring is in the air so why not add a little of it to your table with this spring-inspired recipe from our very own Iron Chef winner, Executive Chef David Stolzfus? Chef David and his team prepare delicious and delightful meals just like this one for our residents every day.


4 Portions Shad

1 oz. Julienne Ginger

1 oz. Julienne Carrot

1 oz. Julienne Onion

1 oz. Julienne Red Pepper

1 oz. Julienne Green Pepper

8 Sliced Lemon Wheels

5 oz. Butter, Diced

6 oz. Sauvignon Blanc

2 sheets Parchment Paper, Wax Paper or Aluminum Foil


1. Sprinkle salt and pepper on shad

2. Rub 1 oz. of butter on parchment paper halves (or wax or foil)

3. Place fish skin side down on paper

4. Top with the vegetables, lemon wheels, and remaining butter and wine

5. Trim excess paper, fold over, roll edges

6. Bake (fish will actually steam) at 350º until internal temp of 145º