Lillian Rubin’s office chair isn’t new, but it looks like she just put it together yesterday. Even after 13 years as the Manager of Tioga Presbyterian Apartments in North Philadelphia, Lillian is hardly at her desk. Most likely one can find her bopping around the halls, visiting with one or more of the 113 residents who call Tioga home. If she’s not there, she’s hosting an event in the community room or gathering her team members for lunch.

Lillian serves the Tioga community with a distinctive energy and spunk that, in some respects, literally radiates off the walls. She values being present—being a resource and support to the older adults entrusted to her care. But that’s what you see. What you don’t see is her selfless act of charity—a gift she gives (and has given for years) twice a month, every month to a resident she doesn’t know and has likely never met, through the Partners in Caring program.

Presby’s Partners in Caring program is an employee giving initiative that offers team members a unique opportunity to philanthropically support the needs of Presby residents. Gifts made via payroll deduction, provide Lillian and approximately 200 team members currently participating, a simple, yet meaningful, way to give back to the ministry beyond their everyday roles.

“I love the work I do and the interactions I have each day with the residents at Tioga,” said Lillian. “But I know there are many more individuals beyond the doors of this community that need my support. My participation in Partners in Caring is a meaningful way in which I extend my service to Presby in order to impact an even greater number of lives for the better.”

Presby team members do more than work together—they give together as Partners in Caring.