HumanGood Code of Ethical Conduct

HumanGood is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that is fair, honest, lawful and respectful. When we behave this way, our residents, families, vendors, team members, communities and our industry view us as an ethical company. When we do not, our stakeholders and our reputation suffer.

We ask that our team members uphold the HumanGood standards of compliance and ethics. Sometimes this is easy. At other times it might be confusing or complicated. You have help. Your supervisor, executive director or administrator is often the best option for you to discuss concerns. But if you have already tried this route and don’t feel the situation is resolved, you have another option. You can report any violation of our company’s values or any policy, regulation or law by contacting the compliance hotline by telephone or email.

The hotline is confidential and easy to use. Both the telephone and email methods are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the telephone, you will leave a voicemail. You may remain anonymous if you choose, or you may request a
response if you leave your telephone number or email address. The HumanGood Compliance Officer will forward your message to the appropriate person in our organization for review and, if necessary, investigation. There will be no retaliation
for reporting a concern.

  • Some examples of an action that may be a violation of our standards, or threaten our good reputation, are listed here.
  • Violations of the law or regulations
  • Violations of company policies or procedures
  • Health safety or environmental issues
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • On-the-job drug or alcohol abuse
  • Poor service or inappropriate short-cuts
  • A breach of privacy
  • Negligent or dishonest billing or medical record practices

Together, we make HumanGood an organization that earns the respect and trust of all our stakeholders, and one we can be proud of.

(888) 740-4636