HumanGood PA Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

The HumanGood PA Board of Directors is a group of dedicated volunteers who are united in their commitment to guiding our organization and leading by example.

Each member devotes their gifts and talents to ensure that those we serve have every opportunity to become their best selves as they define it. Such commitment helps HumanGood sustain a leading reputation with national impact and a dynamic commitment to helping residents across our Life Plan and Affordable Housing communities be everything they want to be.

HumanGood PA Board of Directors

Randall L. Stamper, Chair
Alan Griffith, Vice Chair
Rev. Randy Barge
Declan Brown
Harry “Skip” Dittmann
Kenneth G. McKeown
Rev. Michelle M. Holmes
Rev. Nancy E. Muth
G. Robert Overhiser, Jr.
William G. Young, Jr., Ex-officio

HumanGood Executive Staff

John Cochrane, President and CEO
Dan Ogus, Chief Operating Officer
Bethany Ghassemi, General Counsel
Andy McDonald, Chief Financial Officer