Bill Schwarzchild, Rydal Park’s ‘Mr. Fix It,’ to be featured on 6ABC’s ‘Art of Aging’

July 18, 2017

Bill and his custom workshop at Rydal Park will be featured in an upcoming segment.

If you live at Rydal Park and need anything fixed from a piece of furniture, to a lamp, to a clock, fellow resident Bill Schwarzchild is your go-to guy.

And Bill’s incredible talents and knack for fixing things will soon be featured on local Philadelphia television.

Channel 6ABC’s Action News crew dropped by Rydal Park on Tuesday to film an interview with Bill and take a tour of his custom workshop at Rydal for an upcoming “Art of Aging” segment.

Bill talked extensively about his love for fixing things, how he enjoys helping his fellow residents and why he only accepts charitable donations as payment, among many other things.

“More than starting the project, I think it’s getting the idea of how to put it back together better than it was before. … The fun part is not the finished product. The fun part is doing the project,” Bill said.

Many at Rydal notice and appreciate the work Bill does.

“Bill is the best go-to guy,” said Sarah Jolles, Presby’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. “You can go to him for your fixes in his A to Z Shop. You can go to him for your photography needs. He’s an amazing amateur photographer. He’s an advocate. If a resident has an idea or an issue, he’s that guy.”

This is not the first time a Presby’s Inspired Life resident has been featured in an “Art of Aging” segment. Earlier this year, Spring Mill’s Bill Hirsch and his paint-by-number works of art were featured. For more on Bill Hirsch and his “Art of Aging” segment, click here.

“Art of Aging” airs weekly on 6ABC’s noon newscast.

Stay tuned for updates on when Bill Schwarzchild’s segment will air!