Compassionate Care at the Heart of Presby’s Ministry

May 30, 2016

At Presby’s Inspired Life, it is a privilege to walk alongside our residents and their families to take part in the joys, triumphs and challenges of their everyday lives. When a resident walks through our doors they have our promise that we will help them live life to the fullest. It’s a promise that was made when Rosemont Presbyterian Village opened sixty years ago and it is a promise that continues to be upheld today, thanks to the philanthropic generosity of Presby stakeholders. As a ministry with a demonstrated commitment to caring for older adults who may experience limited financial ability, Presby relies upon and appreciates charitable gift support.

Support that makes things like dental work possible for residents like Maria at Tioga Presbyterian Apartments, who has a new sense of well-being following a charitable grant to help cover the cost of dental work that would have been impossible due to her lack of sufficient insurance and an income level below the Poverty Line.

The open-hearted compassion of our Board of Directors, other concerned individuals, faith leaders and our partners from throughout the corporate communities strengthens Presby’s ability to offer benevolent assistance to residents in need of a helping hand.

In order to continue our legacy of compassionate care, Presby has launched The Campaign for Compassionate Care a unique, historical opportunity for supporters to celebrate the milestone of Presby’s 60th Anniversary by helping to reaffirm the ministry’s commitment to ensuring quality living experiences to residents who need us most. “I am blessed to have so many friends here at Presby who helped me obtain charitable assistance for eyewear that I would never be able to afford. It’s gratifying to know and to witness the heartwarming generosity of others who demonstrate their concern in such meaningful, life-changings ways.” Lillian, Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments The impact of your generosity can truly help transform lives—here’s why…

  • Almost $5 million in benevolent care supports residents in our market-rate communities who have difficulty meeting the cost of their own care due to ever increasing
  • health care costs.
  • Seventy-three percent of residents in our Affordable Housing communities report individual annual incomes below $10,000—less than the U.S. Poverty Level.
  • Each year, Presby honors requests for assistance with medical bills and other health-related expenses from residents facing fi nancial
  • hardship.
  • There exist a $3 million gap between the cost of skilled nursing and what is covered by medical assistance.

To learn more about how you can help Presby’s Inspired Life continue its legacy of compassionate care visit The Campaign for Compassionate Care page or contact Lynn Johnson-Porter at