Dining Plans Go In A New Direction

February 12, 2019

The following article published in Senior Living News features insights from David Stolzfus, corporate executive chef for Lifestyles by Unidine and Presby’s Inspired Life and Sarah Jolles, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Presby’s Inspired Life.

“We’re offering global flavors. Plates have gotten a little smaller, more focused, healthier,” he added. “Everything’s farm-to-table, sustainable. We’re connected to farmers religiously. We have to be good stewards of our planet, and we’re finding more people moving into our communities care about that. Both the silent generation and the boomers like to be educated. Our job is to help educate people. We’re also helping them relive great memories from trips they’ve taken.”  Read More: https://seniorlivingnews.com/dining-programs-go-in-a-new-direction/.