Dr. Kevin R. Johnson speaks at Presby’s Clergy Circle event at Mantua Apartments

May 04, 2017

Dr. Johnson, the renowned pastor of Dare to Imagine church in West Philadelphia, spoke to residents, Presby team members and worshipers who gathered at Mantua on Thursday.

Presby’s Inspired Life was pleased to welcome Dr. Kevin R. Johnson, pastor of Dare to Imagine Church in West Philadelphia at 38th and Market Streets, as the featured speaker for Thursday’s Clergy Circle event.

Dr. Johnson, who is also the president and CEO of Opportunities Industrialization Center in Philadelphia, spoke to a gathering of residents, Presby’s team members and worshipers at Mantua Apartments, host to this Clergy Circle event.

Dr. Johnson is a visionary leader, believer and builder who has appeared on numerous television stations including CNN, NBC and ABC, writes a frequent column for the Philadelphia Tribune and hosts a radio show every Sunday on Philadelphia’s WDAS-FM 105.3.

After introductions by Presby’s director of faith-based programming Sharell Shippen and a prayer by Presby’s board of trustees member Bill Young, Dr. Johnson spoke on the topic of “Trees that bear fruit.”

“There are some people who are fruit-bearing trees and some people who are simply shade trees,” Dr. Johnson said. “If we’re really honest with ourselves, there are people who have come into our lives that have beared fruit for us and blessed us in so many different ways. And then there are others who may not have many fruits and may not have the money, but they do have the time and provide the shade.

“When we think about our seniors, there are those who can provide so much. And then there are others who may not be able to provide any type of real substance. But they can give you wisdom. They can give you comfort. They can give you shade.”

Dr. Johnson’s full speech can be seen on a Facebook Live video on Presby’s Inspired Life’s Facebook page.

Presby’s Inspired Life would like to thank Dr. Johnson for coming to Mantua and speaking to all who gathered on Thursday.

For more on Dr. Johnson and the Dare to Imagine Church, please click here.

Presby’s Inspired Life’s Clergy Circle is intended to enhance faith relations between our ministry and the various faith communities in the areas surrounding Presby’s communities.

Since its inception in 2007, the Clergy Circle and its events that are held twice a year have ushered in improved opportunities for interfaith collaboration in support of a shared mission of service to older adults and those who care for them.