Following her passion: Carla Berryman sets the bar for exceptional service at Rosemont

April 03, 2017

Rosemont social services coordinator Carla Berryman feels working hand in hand with Rosemont’s residents is something she was always meant to do.

If you see a small dog happily trotting up and down the halls at Rosemont, don’t fret. He’s nice little guy and won’t bite.

He’s a shitzu named Digby and he’s a beloved member of the Rosemont community. What’s he doing there? He belongs to Carla Berryman, Rosemont’s social services manager.

“I get to bring my little therapy dog to work with me!” Carla said. “The residents absolutely love him and I love bringing him.

“We have a birthday party for him every year! Every September, we have a birthday party for him and it’s gotten bigger and bigger every year. The residents love it. It started out in our little activity room, but it’s graduated to our auditorium because so many people come! We even get a cake!”

Since 2009 when she was an intern, Carla has been a member of the team at Rosemont, Presby’s Inspired Life’s estates community along the Main Line of Philadelphia that pairs quiet seclusion with the nearby excitement of some of the region’s most popular attractions.

Once her internship was complete, Carla worked part-time for a few years at Rosemont as she earned her Master’s degree from Temple University. Carla was brought in her current full-time role in 2012 after earning her Master’s.

“I guess you could say I like working here!” she quipped.

Allowing the residents to share quality bonding time with her dog is just one way Carla is able to bond with residents and form relationships with them. As the social services manager, those are necessities of her job as she is the go-to resource for all of Rosement’s residents.

Carla handles care planning for the personal care residents, which can be understandably delicate at times. But for every resident at Rosemont, she’s the go-to person for anything that may come up. It can be unpredictable at times, but that’s not a complaint coming from Carla. Not in the least bit.

“I know everyone and I just love working with the residents,” Carla said. “I’ve always enjoyed being around older adults, so that’s why I like this field.

“If I can help a resident or a family member or even a team member and I know I’ve made a difference, I can see it in their body language. I can hear it and I can feel their appreciation. That’s so rewarding to me and that’s why I do this.”

The constantly evolving job of a social worker can be stressful one at times, but Carla gives her all for the residents and their needs.

And her work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed as fellow team members at Rosemont are inspired by all that Carla does.

“Carla is one of the most caring, giving and responsible team members I know,” said Pat Dawson, Rosemont’s sales coordinator. “Residents, family members and team members can count on Carla to support and follow through on literally anything.

“I’ve personally been told by family members that Carla’s support, knowledge and follow through on life’s challenges have led to comfort, reassurance and sense of peace.”

Carla, a Narberth, Pennsylvania native, feels working with the residents at Rosemont is what she was meant to do with her life.

There’s nothing she’d rather do and nowhere she’d rather be.

“I like the environment. I like the community and I like that we’re tucked away here in Rosemont,” Carla said.

“I feel very lucky to be able to work here. I enjoy working with the residents and our great team here!”

*Carla’s service and dedication to Presby’s Inspired Life was honored recently as she was Rosemont’s nominee for the 2017 Distinguished Service Caregiver of the Year (Non-Nursing) Award.