I’m Not Ready Yet! Or, How to Face Our Fears to Reap the Rewards – FROM THE DESK OF SARAH

February 25, 2016

Sarah_JollesMore and more, I’m hearing people say “I’m not ready yet.”

When I began working with prospective residents in Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), I saw N.R.Y. listed under some names. New to the industry, I didn’t understand what that meant. I heard people say they would call if they “needed” us – they were still working, driving, and gardening, and weren’t “ready.” It didn’t make sense – the residents I knew led incredibly active lives. After about three days I realized that the perception of CCRCs was not in line with the reality.

N.R.Y. or “not ready yet” meant: I’m scared.

The reality is that CCRCs are populated with adults 62+ who have been successful decision makers throughout their lives. They are pro-active, implementing a plan for their futures, adding years to their lives and life to their years, all in a maintenance-free environment. Initially, they were perhaps fearful. They thought they were too young or healthy, or were too attached to their home. But they realized that CCRCs enhance lives and allow them to continue living as they had. They could work, volunteer and remain active in the community while enjoying the cultural, educational and wellness offerings of the CCRC. It’s a change of address, not a change of purpose.

Fear of aging is normal, but allowing fear to impact decision-making is not. Putting your head before your heart can lead to a fiscally and physically strong future. Think of us as a resource, and please don’t hesitate to call or come by with any questions!

Sarah Jolles
Executive Director, Sales & Marketing
sarah.jolles@presbysinpiredlife.org | 215-376-6296


Sarah Jolles is the Executive Director of Marketing for Presby’s Inspired Life’s Rydal Park and Rosemont communities. Sarah has held key leadership roles  within the  retirement  living  industry throughout Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, and is knowledgeable in contract offerings, trends, and the many intricacies of this rapidly advancing industry.