Local Presbyterian Churches continue to inspire and give back to Presby’s mission

May 31, 2018

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Presby upholds its faith-based roots by continuing to strengthen relationships with spiritual institutions in neighborhoods where it maintains a footprint.

Since Presby’s inception, we have held familial ties to faith-based institutions, particularly Presbyterian churches through which Presby attributes its founding, all throughout the region. Those enduring ties are sustained through Presby’s growth and service and its ministry to those people across the socioeconomic spectrum 62 and better.

Presby’s relationship with Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church dates back to 1955 and our first president, The Rev. Paul A. White.

Janet White has been a member of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church since 1983 and is now the chair of Bryn Mawr’s Senior Adult Council, a group that advocates for older adults who are a part of the congregation.

She knows what the philanthropic partnership with Presby means.

“Why do we do this? We do this because we believe Presby’s mission fits with ours,” White said. “We have a bond in the area of caring for older adults. We believe in that. We know Presby supports people when they come and stay. Presby is there for people. We are there for people, too.

“Presby encompasses all the things we feel, as a church, are important to do for others.”

Presby’s Rosemont community is a neighbor to Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church and many residents attend services there. But Bryn Mawr is more than just a neighbor of Presby. The church is a valued contributor to our mission.

“I think it’s important for the church to be a voice and presence in the community,” White said. “And I think there are a lot of advantages of being connected with Presby. We know the two of us are on the same wavelength. It’s great to support people who think the way Presby does.”

Dr. Debbie Watson is the pastoral associate at Narberth Presbyterian Church, another church that generously gives to Presby. Watson also serves on Presby’s Philanthropy Advisory Council and is Narberth’s mission ambassador to Presby.

“There are plenty of opportunities in the neighborhoods of this region for [Narberth] to be the hands and feet of Christ,” Watson said. “And that’s where Presby falls for us.

“There is a great appreciation for the ministry of senior housing and care and the options available. It’s not just the market-rate communities of the world. It’s the affordable housing. It’s the possibility that if someone is in a really bad way, there may be a solution.

“There are so many Presby communities that you don’t have to look so far away to find one. They are accessible.”

While Presby serves individuals of all faiths, the Presbyterian Church has been an essential partner in the success of our ministry.

In 1955, the bond was formed….

… Today, in our 63rd year, the bond of service remains…

… Into the future, the bond will continue to support exceptional living experiences for older adults.