Nearly 100 potential residents brave fierce weather for St. John Neumann Place II application event

May 09, 2017

Potential residents withstood strong rains to fill out applications for the Presby’s-managed Affordable Housing community that is scheduled to open in September in South Philadelphia.

This past Friday, Presby’s Inspired Life held a daylong application event for its new St. John Neumann Place II Affordable Housing community in South Philadelphia.

The event was held at St. John Neumann Place, adjacent to the new construction that is scheduled to be completed this coming September.

The site, which is being developed by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Catholic Health Care Services, will feature 52 units of senior Affordable Housing. It is located on the grounds of the former St. John Neumann High School for Boys at 26th and Moore Streets.

Nearly 100 potential residents braved wet, rainy weather conditions to get their place in line to meet Presby’s team members and fill out applications for St. John Neumann Place II.

Presby team members assist potential residents with filling out applications for St. John Neumann Place II

The seniors in the South Philadelphia community are devoted to their neighborhood, and the allure to stay in the neighborhood was noticeably strong among those who turned out on Friday morning.

“I’m an original South Philadelphian,” said Jacqueline Anderson. “You know everybody. And you will get to know everybody. South Philly is that kind of place.

“The places at St. John Neumann looked very nice at the orientation meeting I went to. The apartments look nice.”

But there were others in attendance who had left South Philly and are feeling the pull to return.

“I’d like to come back to my old roots,” said Peter Paone, who spent most of his life in South Philadelphia before later moving to New Jersey. “It’s really nice here. I like South Philly and I like everything about it with all the stores and different things you can do. I like the convenience.

“It’s a brand new building coming up here and it seems to be a nice place and organization.”

There is great demand for senior Affordable Housing in Philadelphia, so the reality is that application process for a new community such as St. John Neumann Place II can be very competitive. Potential residents are encouraged to show up early for a better spot in line at these types of application events.

Luz Camocho (right) and her daughter Arelis Hernandez were first in line when they arrived at Friday’s event.

Luz Camocho of Northeast Philadelphia was not willing to take any chances. She and her daughter, Arelis Hernandez, withstood Mother Nature and were first in line when they arrived at 4 a.m. for the event, which started at 10 a.m.

“My mother is looking for more peace and more quiet,” said Arelis, translating for her mother. “My mother wants to live by herself again in a place that’s very safe and nice and quiet.

“This is an excellent place. This organization is working and doing an excellent job. They’re giving more opportunity for the citizens of Philadelphia.”