Neumann Senior Housing Celebrates 10th Anniversary

October 14, 2016

The former St. Mary’s Hospital in Philadelphia’s Kensington section, the Presby’s Inspired-Life managed community opened its doors in 2006.

On September 28, 2016, Neumann Senior Housing, a Presby’s Inspired Life-managed community located in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, celebrated its 10th anniversary of operation with a special ceremony and luncheon, followed by a guided tour of the community.

The building itself has come a long way since the former St. Mary’s hospital, which called the building home for over 150 years, shut its doors in the early 2000s.

“We’ve been thrilled since we walked in the doors here,” Presby’s Inspired Life President and CEO Judee Bavaria said during the anniversary ceremony. “It’s a wonderful to be here and celebrate. We’re honored to be managers here.”

The outlook didn’t always look so bright for the building, which has been designated as a HUD historic building.

After the hospital closed, the city of Philadelphia had other plans in place for it. But that’s when members of the community, including Neumann Senior Housing board member Marie Lederer stepped in.

“Philadelphia had other plans for the building,” she explained during the presentation. “And those plans weren’t what the community needed.”

Lederer went on to tell the story about how money was raised by the community and through grants from then-Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and the city of Philadelphia and deal was eventually made to help turn Neumann into a much-needed senior housing community.

“The money came, but it wasn’t easy,” Lederer explained. “We had to wait a long time and didn’t know what was going to happen, but here we are today, 10 years later, celebrating this beautiful community.”

Today, Neumann offers 65 units of HUD-PRAC Affordable Housing for seniors.

“It’s beautiful population of seniors we have here at Neumann,” Presby’s Inspired Life Director of Affordable Housing Bill Canteen said during the anniversary ceremony.

“Every time we’re here, we get smiles, hugs and thank yous.”