Over 6 decades of Valentine’s Day love on display at Spring Mill

February 14, 2018

Spring Mill residents Angelo and Dolly DeMarco celebrated their 64th Valentine’s Day together this year.

Angelo and Dolly Demarco, who are 86 and 84, respectively, fondly remember the first time they met growing up in North Philadelphia. Their aunts were next-door neighbors, and all the teenagers in the neighborhood would hang out. Initially, there was no romantic spark between the two, but Angelo says he pointed to Dolly and told his friends, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

This year, Dolly and Angelo, now residing at Spring Mill, a Presby’s Inspired Life community in Lafayette Hill, are going to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary. For the Demarcos, Valentine’s Day always serves as a reminder that love is an enduring thing.

Years ago, the two would go to church dances on Sunday evenings. When they began dating, they’d go out to the movies and grab something to eat. Dolly remembers that the movie would only cost 39 cents, and a hoagie was 50 cents.

Dolly jokes that she decided she wasn’t going to just settle for the first guy to come along, and she broke off the relationship. Angelo never gave up, however. He eventually brought her a box of candy, and an engagement soon followed — but so did the Korean War, and Angelo joined the Army and served in Germany in the medical corps for 20 months.

The two continued to correspond during that time. Angelo was discharged from the service in 1953, and within a year, the couple had wed. Now they are the proud parents of two and the grandparents of three.

Angelo was a career milkman, and Dolly held a variety of jobs, including working at a bakery and a bank. The Demarcos lived in Roxborough prior to moving to Spring Mill in September of last year.

So, what has made their marriage strong all these decades later? Angelo believes it’s a combination of compromise and having so much in common. They both love music, dancing, movies and the same foods.

What is their advice to others? Angelo jokingly says it has to do with two words: “Yes, Honey!”