Partners in Caring program allowing Presby Team Members to give back across all communities

July 23, 2018


Assistant Director of Affordable Housing Sharon Johnson is a member of the Partners In Caring program.

The successful program allows Presby Team Members the opportunity to contribute to and support residents beyond their everyday roles.


When you walk through the doors of a Presby community, you aren’t just seeing or chatting with a resident or a team member. You are meeting a member of our family – the Presby family.

The Presby family is one that cares about all its members throughout every community.

A shining example of the exceptional care we show for one another is the Partners in Caring program.

The Partners in Caring Program offers team members a unique chance to philanthropically support the needs of Presby residents. Gifts made via payroll deduction provide team members a simple yet meaningful way to give back to the ministry beyond their every day roles.

“I choose to give because something my mother taught me long ago is that God said to give generously to those in need,” said Sandy Ginyard, a receptionist at Broomall and a Partners in Caring participant.

“That’s why I want to give.”

Gifts made through the Partners in Caring program support benevolent assistance and life-enhancement programs for residents throughout Presby. Currently, close to 200 team members participate in the program.

This spirit of generosity lives vibrantly at Presby’s Broomall community, where approximately a quarter of all team members participate in the program.

Tricia Katz is a resident services liaison at Broomall. In her current role, as well as in her previous role as director of life enrichment at the community, she has a direct impact on Broomall’s residents.

But Tricia realizes she can make a difference in other ways and in other communities. She takes her role as a Partner in Caring to heart and generously gives to those across Presby she may never meet. And she does so for the simplest of reasons – she cares.

“The reason I participate in Partners in Caring is the obvious – our residents,” Katz said. “I enjoy that I can give back to our residents, see the program in action with needs being met not just in our own community, but all across Presby.

“I feel that making it easy for team members to donate at their comfort level is why it’s such a huge and easy way to make Partners in Caring a success in the Broomall Community and over Presby as an organizational whole.”

Contributions to this vitally important program help our residents in so many ways.

Team members can direct where their gifts are allocated. They can go to the Compassionate Care Program, which helps residents who need assistance making ends meet. Or they can go to the Affordable Housing Fund, which provides vital wellness and social enrichment programs for residents in our low-income communities. Or, if the contributor so chooses, his or her donation can go to the area of most critical need.

Presby team members do more than work together. They give together as partners in caring.

And working and giving together can make a world of difference.