Presby Announces 2018 Distinguished Service Award Nominees

March 01, 2018

A total of 32 Presby team members have been nominated across various categories for their work and dedication to the organization.

2017 Distinguished Service Award Luncheon

This coming April, Presby’s Inspired Life will honor and recognize team members as we will hold the annual Distinguished Service Awards luncheon. The event highlights Presby team members for the exceptional work they do and for their distinguished dedication to the organization.

This year, 32 team members have been nominated from  across Presby’s more than 30 communites – Rosemont, Rydal Park, Spring Mill, Broomall, our Affordable Housing Communities and the Community Support Center. All of the nominees were selected by colleagues from their respective communities.

Presby is pleased to announce the 2018 Distinguished Service Awards nominees, all of whom are listed below.

Caregiver of the Year – Non-Nursing
Sheila Crossan – Broomall
Barbara Padworny – Spring Mill
Andrew Walker – Rydal Park
Jackie Harvey – Affordable Housing (Tioga)

Caregiver of the Year – Nursing
Marie Blaise Armand – Rydal Park
Nina Samedy – Spring Mill
Nadja Paris – Rosemont
Ebony Dunaway – Broomall

Manager of the Year
Shalaura Moors – Broomall
Alice Gable – Rydal Park
Nyhema Thomas – Affordable Housing (Grace Court)
Lavera Wilkins – Rosemont

Leader of the Year
Lillian Rubin – Affordable Housing (Tioga)
Susan Ansberry – Rosemont
Warren Stellfox – CSC

Nurse of the Year
Tina Ganges – Rosemont
Evelyn Emedoh – Spring Mill
Annie Donnell – Rydal Park
Judy Winston – Broomall

Staff Member of the Year
Israel Anderson – Affordable Housing (Tioga)
Tameka Williams – Rosemont
Jackie Whitehead – Broomall
Jose Montanez – Spring Mill
Eric Shearer – Rydal Park

Service From the Heart/Excellence in Customer Service
April Handy – Rosemont
Lisa Heinrich – Rydal Park
Omar Jones – Rosemont
Brenda Torres-Wells – Rosemont
Patricia Ross – Affordable Housing (Paschall)
Brenna O’Boyle – Rydal Park
Megan Evans – Community Support Center
William Barron – Broomall
Maintenance Department – Spring Mill