Team Members Honored for Distinguished Service at Annual Luncheon

April 03, 2019

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, Presby’s Inspired Life held its annual Distinguished Service Awards, which honor team members for commitment to exceptional service.

This year saw 29 team members nominated by their colleagues for awards across seven different categories. All winners were chosen by members of Presby’s senior executive team. In addition to those awards, The President’s Award was given to six individuals – one each from Affordable Housing, Spring Mill, Rydal Park, Rosemont and Broomall.

“The nomination letters written by your peers and residents detail beautiful acts of kindness, selflessness and patience,” said Judee Bavaria, President and CEO. “This is what people have witnessed, but I know, there is so much more to what you do every day – so much of what no one else sees, that is felt and experienced in such a way that cannot be described in words. It is in these moments that you shine brightest.”

The 2019 Distinguished Service Award Winners:

Caregiver of the Year, Non-Nursing:
Tamika Cooper-Stroman, Affordable Housing
Thomas Glover, Broomall
Maureen Arthur, Rosemont
Marcia Love, Rydal Park
Manisha Shendge, Spring Mill

Caregiver of the Year, Nursing:
Mia Gilliam, Broomall
Darian King, Rosemont
Savoya Mansfield, Rydal Park
Bryshenna Fields, Spring Mill

Manager of the Year:
Edith Edmunds, Affordable Housing
Kelly Collins, Broomall
April Crawford, Rosemont
Kate Cristini, Rydal Park

Leader of the Year:
Rose Clermont, Rydal Park

Innovator of the Year:
Susan Ansberry, Rosemont

Nurse Professional of the Year: 
Jill Wilkins, Broomall
Tameka Williams, Rosemont
Bernadette Hoffman, Rydal Park
Deon Pippen, Spring Mill

Staff Member of the Year:
Michael Simmons, Affordable Housing
Jacqueline Moore, Broomall
Annie Gureghian, Community Support Center
Carla Berryman, Rosemont
Barbara Padworny, Spring Mill

Service from the Heart – Excellence in Customer Service:
Tina Thomas, Affordable Housing
Dawn Leflar, Community Support Center
Catherine Luongo, Rosemont
Khareen Eckard, Rydal Park
Carol Freeman-Parker, Spring Mill

President’s Award Winners:

Edith Edmunds, Affordable Housing
Lisa Heinrich, Rydal Park
Brittany Gentile, Broomall
Mavoucheka Jean, Spring Mill
Pat Dawson, Rosemont
Rev. Sharell Shippen, Community Support Center