Presby Profile: The Voices of Inspiration

June 27, 2016

TE1_1856The “Voices of Inspiration,” is a choral group comprised of Presby’s Inspired Life employees from across the ministry’s communities. The group came together at the request of President & CEO, Judee Bavaria who was looking to draw upon the musical talents from within the Presby family in commemoration of the organization’s 60th Anniversary. Led by two dynamic leaders from our Affordable Housing ministry, Aaron Stallworth and Sharon Johnson, this group of talented singers came together to provide musical inspiration for more than half of the 60th Anniversary celebrations this year. The “Voices of Inspiration” have added a unique touch to this historical year and the blend of their collective voices will echo for months and years to come. Below, are some thoughtful insights about the group and their experiences this year. To view some the “Voices of Inspiration” performances visit Presby’s YouTube Channel.

Q: The “Voices of Inspiration” is comprised of individuals from across Presby’s communities.How does this diverse representation of people, gifts and talents reflect the overall ministry of Presby’s Inspired Life?
A: Being able to serve others through song has been a powerful thing and it embraces Presby’s ministry of serving the older American community. Each occasion that the choir has had to sing, we have served the hearts and ears of those who are in attendance with inspiration. And that has always been the most important thing. It’s one thing to just sing for self. But to sing to inspire and lift up others makes it that much more meaningful.
– Aaron Stallworth, Director

Q: What has been the most memorable moment for the choir this past year? Why?
A: The Rev. Paul White event. Being a part of honoring one of Presby’s great servants was truly an honor. To hear how special Rev. White was to the entire Presby family and how well he served, made the choir proud to serve the family and friends through song. – Aaron Stallworth

Q: One of the choir’s signature songs is titled “Go Make Difference.” How and why do you think that song moves people when it is sung?
A:Go Make a Difference, WE Can Make a Difference, Go Make a Difference in the World.” It encourages all of us to be the difference we want to see in the world. It doesn’t take much to be a blessing to others. Take a minute for conversation, smile, give when you can and volunteer. Verse 2: “We are the hands of Christ, reaching out to those in need”—That’s us…that’s Presby. It’s what we do.” –  Sharon Johnson, Manager

Q: Can anyone join the choir? What if they don’t have a musical background?
A: Anyone who has a heart for singing can be a part of the choir. We welcome all types of musical talent. If members want to continue beyond 2015, our team will meet and create a performance schedule for 2016. Stay tuned!