Presby Team Member Notebook: Different roles, same inspiring mission

April 20, 2017

Broomall’s Ronald Williams, Rosemont’s Sandra Allen and Spring Mill’s Jose Montanez are all valued team members whose exceptional service to Presby was recently recognized.

Broomall’s Ronald Williams

Ronald Williams has always been a handy person with the keen ability to fix most problems that may arise.

More importantly, Ronald is more than willing to share his time to fix those problems, whether they are at one of his father-in-law’s properties, his church or his professional home, Broomall.

Ronald is a maintenance technician at Broomall, Presby’s Inspired Life’s full-service nursing and rehabilitation center that offers an ideal setting for rest and renewal.

At Broomall, Ronald gets to put his skills to work all while interacting with residents on a regular basis.

“I enjoy talking to them and helping them. I’m always talking to them and I think they enjoy talking to me!” Ronald said. “From wing to wing here, I love talking to them. … I always treat the residents like my family. That’s the way I was raised. I get along with everybody. I just try to talk with people and brighten their day.”

Ronald started at Broomall in 2013 as part of the housekeeping team. Two years into that position, Ronald heard there were openings in maintenance, which he felt was more suited to his skillset. So he applied and earned the job. He’s part of a three-person maintenance team that is always on call for the residents at a moment’s notice.

“It’s a great team,” he said. “The three of us, we have a good time working together and we have fun. I’m used to working as a team, which I like.

“I like being around other folks and helping other folks. So this is a great place for me!”

*Ronald’s service and dedication to Presby’s Inspired Life was honored recently as he was Broomall’s nominee for the 2017 Distinguished Service Customer Service Excellence Award.

Rosemont’s Sandra Allen

After coming to suburban Philadelphia from her native Jamaica via a two-year stop in New York City, Sandra Allen was a enjoying her career as a beautician. But, in the meantime, she was also finishing up with nursing school as her ultimate goal was to become a full-time nurse.

Sandra and one of her beautician clients got to talking one day during an appointment. It just so happened that client was a team member at Presby’s Inspired Life and recommended Sandra check out Presby once she was done with nursing school.

That’s just what Sandra did in 2009 after graduating. And she’s been at Rosemont ever since.

Sandra is an LPN at Rosemont, Presby’s estates community along the Main Line of Philadelphia that offers independent living and personal care.

“I love my residents here,” Sandra said. “I love the atmosphere. And it’s definitely the best place I’ve ever worked, honestly.

“We’re like a family here. Everybody works together great here and we all get along.”

As Sandra mentioned, the relationships she’s made with the residents and the ones she continues to make on a daily basis are things she holds near and dear to her heart.

“I appreciate them and I feel they appreciate me,” Sandra said of Rosemont’s residents. “I’m here for them and they trust me. It’s just something that’s comfortable. The feel you get from the residents here while working with them is very comfortable. And I appreciate that.”

Sandra is thankful to have the chance to live out her ultimate goal of being a nurse at Rosemont.

“I love being a nurse. I love Rosemont. And I love Presby!”

*Sandra’s service and dedication to Presby’s Inspired Life was honored recently as she was Rosemont’s nominee for the 2017 Distinguished Service Nurse of the Year Award.

Spring Mill’s Jose Montanez

Jose Montanez spent 18 years in the U.S. Army in various roles, including two tours of duty in Operation Desert Strom during the First Gulf War, before settling down with his wife in Pennsylvania and starting a family.

He always had a knack for helping to build and remodel things, no matter the scope. “A jack of all trades and a master of none, I guess you could say,” Jose said with a laugh.

So when the East Norriton, Pennsylvania native was looking for something different than the independent subcontracting work he’d been doing, he felt compelled to fill out an application for an open maintenance technician 2 position at nearby Spring Mill, where’s he’s now been a valued team member for almost two years.

“It’s great here and I really enjoy working here,” Jose said of Spring Mill, a Presby’s Inspired Life community in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania that is the ideal location for those who appreciate the quiet and cozy comfort of a home that still affords ample opportunity to mingle and interact with friends.

“I like the people here. It’s a nice, calm environment. You come to work and there are no hassles and everyone gets along, especially with the directors. It’s a good community and there’s good relationships and communication. There’s always communication, which is good.”

In his free time, Jose enjoys fishing, maintaining aquariums and watching his children play basketball and baseball.

But, when you ask him about what he does at Spring Mill, it’s tough for him to sum up in a few words or sentences.

And understandably so.

“I do everything,” he said, followed up by a hearty laugh.

“I do electrical. I fix this, I fix that. I guess you could say I multitask, but I like to multitask. But if I can’t do it, I’m not afraid to ask for some help. We have a great team here and everyone is always willing to help.”

*Jose’s service and dedication to Presby’s Inspired Life was honored recently as he was Spring Mill’s nominee for the 2017 Distinguished Service Staff Member of the Year Award.