Presby’s construction partners making commitments to give back to communities they build

June 29, 2018

Shovels seated in dirt at groundbreaking area

For Presby partners TN Ward, Horst Construction and McBrick Building Company, the partnership isn’t just about construction. It’s also about making a difference.

Bricks and mortar form our buildings. But the foundation is laid in our partnerships.

Presby’s decades-long relationships with businesses such as TN Ward construction, Horst Construction and McBrick Building Group are about more than just replacing a windowpane or installing a countertop or bringing our next community to life.

These relationships play key roles in continuing the philanthropic values that fuel Presby’s mission.

The bond between Presby and TN Ward dates all the way back to 1981 when Presby open its first affordable housing community, Riverside Apartments in Center City Philadelphia.

“We see how committed Presby is to the mission and it’s inspiring to participate,” said Tom Falvey, president of TN Ward, which supports at the level of the Chairman’s Circle. “Over the years, Presby’s corporate commitment has never been just about Presby. It’s about the community and the people in the community itself.

“You see people at places like 58th Street and Reed Street and they are so happy. You love to be around them and they tell you how great a place it is to live. How can you walk away and not say we have to do more of this?”

For the last several years, McBrick has been the lead sponsor of Presby’s annual Inspired Service Recognition Dinner.

“Our dynamic with Presby’s residents is phenomenal and our work is very rewarding,” said Noel Weiss, president of McBrick, which also supports at the Chairman’s Circle level. “It comes from the top at Presby with strong leadership and trickles down through the rest of the organization

“When you drive up to a Presby community, it’s always like a beacon.”

The results of our corporate partnerships clearly aren’t just tangible. They run even deeper.

“Organizations we contribute to, you want to see a return with the benefits for people,” Falvey said.

“We can see results with Presby. That’s why you get up in the morning. We’re not in the business of being multi-billionaires. We’re in the business of feeling good about what we do.”