November 20, 2017

Judee, Presby’s President and CEO, and Lynn, Presby’s VP of Philanthropy and Mission support were interviewed for a story on gender equality in the senior living industry.

With Women’ Equality Day taking place across America this past Saturday, Presby President and CEO Judee Bavaria and Presby Vice President of Philanthropy were quoted in a Senior Living News story on gender equality across the senior living industry.

Judee and Lynn both provided their insights on how females can succeed in the industry while paving the way for female leaders of future generations.

“Throughout my career, it has always been important to me to support the professional growth of female team members and provide them ample opportunities to be successful in their roles,” Judee said. “I encourage them to seek out ways to expand their innate skill sets, be active in their communities and to build and maintain a diverse network.”

“It is up to us, the leaders in our respective fields, to take the initiative toward solving these gender equality issues and blaze a trail that other organizations follow as we continue to erase the gap that exists,” Lynn said.

To read more of what Judee and Lynn had to say about this topic, please click here for the full article.