October 17, 2017

Presby’s Executive Director of Housing and Land Development spoke on Affordable Housing for seniors 62 and better and how Presby recycles land in Philadelphia.

Vidhi Anderson, Presby’s Executive Director of Housing and Land Development, gave a presentation and spoke on a panel last Wednesday morning at the Urban Land Institute of Philadelphia’s forum on Affordable Housing.

The panel took place at the studios of WHYY in historic Old City Philadelphia.

In her presentation, Anderson spoke on just how critical the need for Affordable Housing for people 62 and better in the Philadelphia area and how Presby uses existing land to try and meet the need.

“There is a strong commitment … to provide housing for seniors in the neighborhoods in which they live,” Anderson said.

“I think, even with doing one building at a time, we do help recycle some of the old real estate and give it an opportunity to be converted to either market rate or a more workforce-related housing. But that recycling of real estate is so important.”

To hear all of Anderson’ s presentation, please click here for a Facebook Live video from the morning’s panel on Presby’s official Facebook page.