Programming to Better Enrich Mind, Body and Spirit – FROM THE DESK OF SARAH

May 01, 2016

Sarah_JollesAfter bricks and mortar, nothing is more vital to a community than its cultural, entertainment and wellness offerings.

As interests and passions have evolved, so has the programming to better enrich mind, body and spirit. In other words, bye bye bingo – hello tai chi, yoga, continuing education classes, political forums, orchestra performances and more.

Still, people considering a move sometimes feel conflicted between the desire for high-quality programming, and the fear of a “cruise ship” mentality. After 15 years in this industry I can honestly say that the environment is exactly what you make of it.

Some people who move to continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) like Rydal Park, continue to work and remain active in the greater community. They might attend a class here or concert there, but for the most part their apartment is home and the other amenities are just really nice extras.

For others, classes and cultural events are big reasons why people love the lifestyle they have chosen. And for some, overseeing the programming has replaced the workplace.

But for most, the convenience of a professional aquasize class right in their own indoor pool or the joy of sampling a flight of wine with friends, or the thrill of taking in an orchestra performance in an intimate venue is a simple pleasure with a great deal of value.

Statistically, people who make the move to a CCRC live longer, and longer independently. Social involvement and wellness are huge reasons why, and high-quality programming promotes both. So check out the programming. The people. The place. And call me if you care to come by and check out a course…a fitness class…a concert…a jazz brunch…a wine flight…a gourmet night. Whatever suits your fancy.

Sarah Jolles
Executive Director, Sales & Marketing | 215-376-6296



Sarah Jolles is the Executive Director of Marketing for Presby’s Inspired Life’s Rydal Park and Rosemont communities. Sarah has held key leadership roles  within the  retirement  living  industry throughout Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, and is knowledgeable in contract offerings, trends, and the many intricacies of this rapidly advancing industry.