Presby’s Inspired Life Bucks Employment Trends

January 23, 2018

Presby’s Inspired Life attracts and retains team members through an  empowering culture and commitment to exceptional service.

We all know that people are changing jobs more often than ever before. According to a Jan. 9, 2018, article from, the average employee only stays in a job for 4.2 years. However, Presby is bucking that trend.

Today, 351 team members — accounting for more than 41 percent of Presby’s workforce — have been with the organization for five or more years. The average length of service for a Presby team member is six years and, amazingly, 69 team members have worked for Presby’s for more than 20 years!

Laura Wiater is a great example of the kind of dedication Presby inspires. She spends her days assisting new residents with coordinating their moves to Rydal Park, a Presby’s Inspired Life community in the Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. After 21 years of service, no one knows the campus better than Laura does. “I started working with Presby as a server,” Laura recalled. “Then, I went to college for criminal justice. I interviewed with attorneys and those in the profession and it just didn’t feel right. My heart was at Rydal Park, and I just knew that’s where I belonged.” Since returning to Presby, Laura has worked in multiple areas of the campus, but she found her niche in helping new residents settle in and become active in the community.

The kind of dedication that Presby inspires doesn’t stop when team members retire, either! Mary Ellen Thomas, who worked for Presby for more than 15 years, is now volunteering her time at the Spring Mill Community in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. “I so enjoyed my time with Presby, and the connections that I made with the people, that I wanted to come back,” Mary Ellen said. “This organization is just a part of who I am.” Mary Ellen spends her time at the concierge desk, where she’s on a first name basis with everyone. Whether she’s discussing a team member’s upcoming vacation or the best recipe for cookies or just asking a resident about his or her day, you can tell that her heart beats with the community.

That’s a story that you’ll hear over and over again at all of Presby’s campuses. Khareen Eckard, who serves as the lead concierge at Rydal Park, comes from a family tradition of Presby. “My mother, my aunt and several of my family members all worked for Presby,” said Khareen. “When I was old enough to get a job, I started in dining services at Rydal Park. After I went to school, I found myself back on the campus in a new role. The values and character of the Presby organization are remarkable. That’s why I can’t imagine myself working anywhere else!”

In an age where organizations are competing for the best talent, Presby has found a winning combination of a strong, value-based mission and a genuine caring for those that serve.