Rydal Park resident Carol Young appears on 95.7 BEN FM

January 23, 2018

Carol discussed her work with the area’s homeless and her work with Presby on the “Her Story” program with host Kathy Romano.


This past Sunday morning, longtime Rydal Park resident Carol Young appeared as a guest on 95.7 BEN FM Philadelphia’s “Her Story” program with host Kathy Romano.

Carol is the founder of the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network, which, for the last 28 years, has assisted the homeless in the area in finding their ways off the streets.

“It’s a niche program for the homeless,” Carol explained. “In the words of one of our guests, we are a ‘shelter that is not a shelter.’ In other words, we look at our guests as somebody different than people who are down and out. These are people who are on their way up.

“I am proudest of [Presby’s affordable housing communities] because through grants and money that is donated, we can give shelter to older adults who would be homeless.”

Carol’s full interview can be heard via downloadable podcast by clicking here (Episode 47). Her interview begins at the 17:23 mark.