Rydal Park, Rosemont residents tour 58th Street Campus Affordable Housing Campus

June 01, 2017

Residents from Rydal Park and Rosemont took a day trip to the 58th Street Campus to tour the communities and mingle with fellow residents and Presby family members.

Residents from Rydal Park and Rosemont on Wednesday took part in a day trip to Presby’s Inspired Life’s 58th Street Affordable Housing campus to tour the three Southwest Philadelphia communities that call it home — Ann Thomas Apartments, Mary Field Apartments and Greenway Apartments.

All told, over a dozen residents came on the tour, which started at Mary Field Apartments. At Mary Field, the residents were able to check out the computer room where classes are held for both residents and members of the surrounding neighborhood and the community garden, where kale and other vegetables are grown.

From there, the tour went to Greenway Apartments, where the residents were given the history of both the the campus and the Presby ministry as they gazed over artwork and other pieces of Presby’s history before touring an apartment.

The tour ended at Ann Thomas Apartments, where residents were treated to lunch. During lunch, Ann Thomas resident Connie Moses, 90, spoke to those gathered in the community room about how grateful she is for her apartment and the support of the entire Presby family. Connie, a Southwest Philadelphia native, who has lived at Ann Thomas for the three years, talked about how she would pray on a daily basis for her apartment and, through the power of faith and prayer, she knows she is living in the right place.

Residents in attendance from all communities then shared contact information and vowed to stay in touch.

In total between the three communities, the 58th Street Campus provides 240 units of Affordable Housing. But the demand for Affordable Housing in Philadelphia is great, as proven by the over 500 people on the waiting lists for all three communities at 58th Street.

As the demand rises, Presby will soon break ground on a fourth community at 58th Street — Witherspoon Apartments. On pace to break ground late this summer, Witherspoon will feature 60 more units of Affordable Housing.

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