Spring Mill Resident Votes for the First Time

November 08, 2016

Spring Mill’s Margareta Dimmick, 90, made history Tuesday when she voted for the first time.

Mrs. img_7360Dimmick was born in July of 1926. Growing up in Austria for the first 22 years of her life, she says, she never got to vote. “I was too young and we didn’t really get a choice or a vote during that time,” she said. She met Paul Dimmick, an American soldier, at a dance, and they married in 1948. “I was a war bride. We moved to America a year later.”

She doesn’t recall exactly when she officially became a U.S. citizen but says she never voted before Tuesday because she “didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t used to it.” What is different about this election? “My daughters told me I have to vote! They are very involved in politics. ”

“Don’t you see what I have here?” she said while pointing to a “Clinton/Kaine” button pinned to the front of her walker.

When asked how she feels about her first voting experience, she said, “not nervous. I am confident. My daughter explained that it is only a few buttons.”

How does the 90-year-old feel about this historic election? “I hope everyone votes for the right person.”

Headed to the polls for the first time!