When Marie Helmig needed more intricate care, she found the perfect fit right in her own backyard at Broomall.

“Oh, you’re here to see Marie?” Jenn Lonetti, activities coordinator at Presby’s Inspired Life’s Broomall community said. “I’ll have to go and find her. She was outside suntanning earlier!”

On many sun-soaked spring afternoons such as this one, that’s what you’ll find Marie Helmig doing. She’ll be outside on the spacious terrace at Broomall, soaking up the rays. It’s one of her favorite activities at the community.

Marie moved to Presby’s Broomall community at the beginning of 2016 after an accident in her home left her without the use of her legs. A subsequent injury left her bedridden, and it was clear she needed more round-the-clock care.

The Helmig family found the perfect place to serve the needs of Marie, a lifelong Broomall resident, right in front of them as Presby’s Broomall community was able to accommodate Marie almost immediately and enables her to live in the community she knows and loves.

Since Marie moved in back in February 2016, she’s been impressed with the community and how her quality of life has improved.

“My room here is so beautiful,” she said. “The staff here is so good to me and the food here is pretty good, too.”

When speaking of the staff at Broomall, Marie recalled one moment when she saw the happiness of a 90-year-old woman who was dancing during an event the staff put together.

“The smiles on the faces of my friends here and the staff make my days brighter.”

Broomall has been a perfect fit for Marie. Her husband of 55 years, “Fast Ed the t-shirt man,” who is known by the staff and the other residents for wearing a different t-shirt with a different funny saying each time he’s there, can visit her every day. As can her eight children, 24 grandchildren and three great grandchildren, all of whom are featured in pictures and decorative frames that dot Marie’s room.

“It’s so convenient for them,” Marie said. “At least one of them can always be here. And my husband is here with me every day. It’s wonderful.” Marie also said that she and her family have used Broomall’s community rooms for family parties on Easter and Mother’s Day and have loved the accommodations that were provided by Broomall’s staff.

Though Marie is bedridden after her injuries, it doesn’t mean her fervor for life has vanished. She still enjoys watching movies (especially old movies), listening to music and reading books and magazines and, of course, sunbathing!

Marie’s goal is to be able to continue to enjoy spending quality time with her family and friends and enjoy the larger community of Broomall, where she has invested so much of her time and talent.

“I know the people here are going to help me do that.”