We deeply appreciate your gifts of any size. Support at any level of giving will help us continue our mission to inspire the best life possible for people 55 and better, of all backgrounds and financial circumstances. Here are a few of the charitable choices available to you.

Join others in helping those most in need cut to live life in all its fullness.

The impact of your generosity can truly help transform lives — here’s why:

  • Nearly $5 million in benevolent care supports residents in our Life Plan communities who have difficulty meeting the cost of their own care due to ever-increasing health care costs.
  • 73 percent of residents in our sponsored affordable housing communities report individual annual incomes below $10,000 — less than the federal poverty level.
  • Each year, Presby honors requests for assistance with medical bills and other health-related expenses from residents facing financial hardship.

Help us help others. Make a gift today. Donations of all sizes make a difference.

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Across our life plan and affordable housing communities, we are committed to helping our team members live their best life possible.

That commitment inspires the Team Member Crisis Fund. The Team Member Crisis Fund provides immediate, short-term charitable assistance to team members, their spouses, and/or their legal dependents to ease the uncertainty of hardship created by unforeseen personal tragedy, including death, fire, illnesses or natural disaster.

Donations by caring team members and residents, as well, will ease the burden of such misfortunes by providing much needed financial aid for food, clothing, shelter and many other vital needs. Those who make the thoughtful decision to contribute to the Team Member Crisis Fund feel confident that their generosity is an instrument of hope that can uplift and provide assurances for those facing a critical need, during a most difficult time.

Participation in the Team Member Crisis Fund will be welcomed with ease and convenience via payroll deduction and each contribution will be acknowledged in a timely manner by the Office of Philanthropy, in conjunction with the Partners in Caring program. We are pleased to share that team members may also make a donation of Annual Leave hours.

To learn more, contact Page Zettlemoyer in the Office of Philanthropy by calling 610-260-1160
or via email at page.zettlemoyer@humangood.org. You may also contact the Human Resources Representative at your community to receive additional information.

To enroll in the program, click here.

Compassion. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Since its beginning in 1955, we evolved into one of the region’s most respected faith-based not-for-profit organizations — providing independent residential living, personal care, memory support, short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care to more than 3,000 people 55 and better, across four market-rate and 30+ affordable housing communities.

As an organization with a demonstrated commitment to caring for older adults who may have limited financial resources, we rely upon and appreciates charitable gift support.

The open-hearted compassion of our board of directors, other concerned individuals, faith leaders and our partners throughout the corporate communities strengthens our ability to offer benevolent assistance to residents in need of a helping hand.

That commitment remains vibrant with our recent affiliation with HumanGood-California’s largest not-for-profit of senior living communities.

Together, we are ensuring that those we serve live their best life possible. Charitable gift support helps us deliver on that promise.

Help us sustain a culture of generosity and of service. Support  the Compassionate Care Fund!

The Compassionate Care Fund was established in 2015 as a unique, historical opportunity to celebrate the milestone of our 60th anniversary by reaffirming its commitment to ensuring quality residential experiences to residents who need us most.

Our leadership greatly appreciates “unrestricted gifts” to support evolving needs across our ministry in any given year. Gifts of Grace empower us  to meet the costs of equipment acquisition, technology, nutritional programs, memory support initiatives and innovative training for team members. We encourage you to partner with us to support this essential fund so that we may  meet the evolving needs of residents across our communities. Click here to give your gift today!

From our earliest days , our founders and leaders have recognized the need to sustain benevolent support and a strong culture of volunteerism in order to maintain excellence across our life plan and affordable housing communities.

The President’s Circle* serves to recognize a distinguished group of benefactors whose leadership donations and fervent commitment make possible the fulfillment of our mission to deliver exceptional experiences to those entrusting us with their care.

*The President’s Circle consists of any donor who has given $10,000 or more cumulatively over the last 10 years. To learn more about how you can become involved in this unique program, please contact Lynn M. Johnson-Porter at 610-260-1153.

The Partners in Caring program is a team member giving initiative that offers our unique opportunity to philanthropically support the needs of residents. Gifts, made via payroll deduction, provide team members with a simple yet meaningful, way to give back beyond their everyday roles.

Gifts made through the Partners in Caring program support benevolent assistance and life-enrichment programs for residents across our three live plan and 36 affordable housing communities. More than 200 team members participate in this inspiring program. If you would like to learn more about how to enroll, please contact Page Zettlemoyer at page.zettlemoyer@humangood.org.

Need further inspiration? Read about why longtime affordable housing leader, Lillian, is inspired to give back through the Partners In Caring program.

To download a payroll deduction form, click here.

Those who choose to support our mission by making a Legacy Gift are unique, for they recognize the importance of not only investing in our our ministry today, but ensuring its mission is upheld long into the future. We distinctly honor those who demonstrate this visionary support as members of The Sower’s Society.

Membership in The Sower’s Society is afforded to all individuals who inform us of of their intentions to include HumanGood PA in their estate plans or as a beneficiary of another type of Legacy Gift, regardless of the amount. These gift commitments may include bequests, trusts, retirement plans or life insurance.

To learn more about Legacy Giving opportunities, please contact Lynn Marie Johnson-Porter at
lynn.johnson-porter@humangood.org or by calling 610-260-1153.