More than 70% of the residents served in the HumanGood sponsored Affordable Housing communities in Pennsylvania live on less than $10,000 a year — which is lower than the U.S. poverty level. That means our residents don’t have the funds to pay for basic items they need to live.

At HumanGood, we recognize that even when residents are able to obtain an apartment through our Affordable Housing program, their needs go far beyond having a roof over their heads. That’s why we created the Compassionate Care Fund. This fund assists residents who need money to purchase clothing, furniture or medical devices not covered by insurance … anything from a bed to help them sleep in comfort to a kitchen table where they can eat a meal to a portable oxygen machine to help them breathe more easily.

The generosity of people like you makes compassionate care happen across our Affordable Housing communities. Each day, our residents offer their thanks to you. We hope you will continue to support us as we help our residents live the best life possible.